If only there were more resources for small museums. Here are a few:

The Small Museums Online Community, sponsored by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) is one of the newest, and best, resources for small museums on the web. It was founded by small museum professionals and offers advice, webinars, and advice for small museums everywhere.

The Small Museum Association is one of the only resources out there dedicated purely to small museums. They focus on the mid-Atlantic region, but their advice, links, and conferences are for everyone. Yay!

This is the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal government thing. They give grants, although their budget has been slaughtered. Cultural institutions are the first thing to get cut during deficit crises, as it’s often part of the “discretionary spending” that politicians race to cut to avoid the political suicide of entitlement reform. The website still exists, though, as does a listing of federal grants available, so if you feel you’ve got it in you, go for it!

For Collections Management:

Maintained by the non-profit Heritage Preservation, this site gives some great free tips on collections care, management, and fundraising. Use it and send them love mail…they deserve it!

This is the website of the Registrar’s Committee of the American Alliance of Museums. Definitely check out their Form and Policy Swap page for great examples of basic gift agreements, collections management policies, and a lot more.

This is the website of the newly-formed Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists, created by several former members of the Registrar’s Committee of the American Alliance of Museums. It includes great information for registrars and other people whose jobs involve museum registration, accessions, and collections in general.



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