Stop the Presses…A Functional Committee!

I know. It's shocking.

I have a unique piece of news: I’m currently on a functional committee at the museum. Unlike other small committees we have there, this one is full of people who know each other enough to work well together but are strangers enough not to have personal drama. I will remember this committee while I work on the thousand dysfunctional committees I’ll likely need to work with throughout my life.

Much of the awesomeness of the committee comes from a new volunteer who we are convinced was sent to us from the stars. She’s from the corporate world and has an efficiency mindset sorely lacking in many small non-profits. She also has the leadership ability and personal compassion to motivate people to action. Without this person, any committee is sunk. And considering that this country in general is facing a leadership crisis unparalleled in all of human history, this might explain why things don’t tend to get done anywhere anymore.

This committee is planning a brand new event, and again unlike any other event we have at the museum, we’re actually getting an AMAZING initial response to it. On a side note, I met someone on this committee who promptly came to me with an exciting business prospect and a possible post-graduation job. It’s about time this museum work started paying off!

I had to share that. It’s so rare that committees work well together, I feel the world should hear about it when one does.


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