Free Online Content Management Systems…GuruLib Takes the Gold!

In an earlier post I ranted about LibLime Koha, whose flashy homepage promises Everyman solutions to library cataloging but then delivers download instructions in monstrously complex techie mumbo-jumbo.

Well, LibLime, I don’t need ya anymore!

I have officially started cataloging our books on GuruLib, a wonderful web-based and FREE cataloging service–no downloads at all! I had initially been exploring LibraryThing as an alternative, but that service is limited only to books. That doesn’t really help organizations with very complex libraries full of newspapers, magazines, academic journals, videos, pamphlets, etc. GuruLib, on the other hand, lets you catalog all of the above. In fact, it lets you catalog anything you want! And even better, it has a no-nonsense organizational system called “shelves” where you can create user-friendly categories and keywords. Even better, you can make your site “public” so everyone can see it:

I think GuruLib deserves more attention than it’s gotten. A Google search for free library cataloging services turns up about 10 different LibraryThing pages, but if GuruLib was there, I didn’t see it within the first few pages. In fact, I found the link on an obscure blog using a tangential Google search I can’t remember.

Highly recommended for small libraries!

(Now that I’ve complimented it, it will probably promptly stop working for me.)


4 responses to “Free Online Content Management Systems…GuruLib Takes the Gold!

  1. You jinxed them. After putting 2500 books in gurulib, it has been down now for over 2 weeks and not a word on any website.

    • LOL, yes, I know. No sooner had I posted this entry then GuruLib started to disappoint me greatly. I’ve managed to adopt LibraryThing to my needs, but I’m still not entirely happy with it. Boy, do I wish I was a programmer who could create my own system!

      • jana moseley

        Yeah, I have tried all the rest, but Gurulib is fantastic, easy to use and fits our small library needs perfectly. (LIbraryThing is not as user friendly for me) I would even pay for the privilege of something like Gurulib…..I wish someone would buy them and get it stable. 😦

      • I agree. I liked all the features in theory, but it was just too buggy and fickle for practical use. It didn’t help that none of my emails to GuruLib’s help center were returned. There are ways to personalize LibraryThing to make it work a little better than the standard. In the end, our little museum needed something I knew was future-proof and reliable.

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