Wikipedia Sucks

I Googled this term the other day and found out I’m not alone in thinking this. The general impression is that it’s great for the end-user but terrible for 1.) the poor souls who want to edit it and 2.) the individuals and organizations regularly slandered by ignorant twerps who couldn’t care less that their inaccurate drivel often appears on Page 1 in a search engine index.

For those of you willing to defend Wikipedia–God, I hope not many–I propose you put your reputation where your mouth is a create a wiki about yourself. Go ahead, type in your own name and create a wiki about yourself that ANYONE can edit. Does anyone really think this is a good idea?

The above rant is brought to you by our little museum’s Wikipedia entry. Actually, we’re lucky–there’s no technical slander on our very stubby entry, but there is bad information that continues to affect us on a day-to-day basis. A few weeks ago we decided to try to do something about it and everyone involved nearly got banned (which I now consider an honor).

Lesson learned, though: Stay away from Wikipedia. Let the idiots spend their time slandering you there. Instead, we’re improving our own website and creating so much online content we’re going to swamp that stupid entry and its idiot, cretinous creator (you know who you are) right off the Internet.


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