Speaking of websites…

Not anymore!

…we just got a new one (as I mentioned below)! I had been advocating for this for awhile. Our old one had incomprehensible sentences, spelling errors, broken links, broken everything. Think: “If all look live love we can also haven time.” And this was supposed to be by a professional. Yes, we got a bit shafted, I think, but you get what you pay for.

To top that off, editing it was a nightmare. We had to use this fancy software that nobody except an elite cadre–think the executive director’s husband and a sometimes-volunteer lately more wrapped up in his girlfriend than our museum–could figure it out. If you’re thinking that this is what the Web looked like in the 90s, you would be spot-on–that’s when the technology is from.

Anyway, this colossal mess was losing us money for years. I thought about chipping in to get a redesign, but even with the non-profit discount, it still came to over $3,000. I was embarrassed to send anyone to this crap sandwich.

Then, a miracle: We re-designed it! The problem wasn’t that nobody else knew it was bad, it was that nobody else had (1) time or (2) money. Well, we still don’t have (2) but our executive director found some (1), and the result was a Publisher re-design that will KNOCK PEOPLE OUT. A professional could not have done better. It’s hard to believe that only ten years ago you would need to pay a Web Wizard to do for thousands of dollars what any sufficiently creative person can do for $150 (cost of Publisher) today.

It’s never been more important to have a good website. It’s a visitor’s first impression, and it should include your hours of operation, your mission statement, information about membership, donations, programs, and events, and LOTS of pictures. We also included a link to our all-important Facebook page.

Then, the part I helped design: the collections page, where we list our current exhibits and will soon hopefully have our full catalog online. I’ve been plugging away at the accessions book, and now it’s all in figuring out how to format it.

The best part: I’ve been posting our new web address all over the Internet! Take that!


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