Please Google yourself.

The other day I typed the name of my small museum into a search engine. Nobody at the museum had done it for awhile, but other people do, so I figured we should know what they were seeing.

It wasn’t pretty.

Our (brand new!) website came up first, thank God. But underneath that were user-generated travel listings like Yahoo Travel and Yelp, and most had information like our hours of operation and festival schedule monstrously wrong. Suddenly, the confused phone calls we’ve been getting make much more sense.

Many of these pages had “claim this business” buttons, and I pressed all of them and attempted to change the information, with fairly good success. I recommend checking out your online image if you haven’t in awhile. A quick Google search is probably the easiest thing you can do to increase business.


2 responses to “Please Google yourself.

  1. We have the same problem at our museum. I’ve claimed most of the pages but there are a few that I cannot claim or edit. It can cause some confusion with visitors so I’ve enlisted a few volunteers to help. What drives me nuts is that the inaccurate ones tend to float to the top of the Google searches.

    • Oh, yes, the inaccurate ones always come to the top. And just when you think you’re done updating, you find yet another horribly libelous page has made its sneaky way into the top three pages of the Google search. It’s a never-ending job. I must say, though, that I’ve made tremendous progress…there is a light at the end of the tunnel! (P.S. If you only claim two pages, make sure they’re Google Places and Yelp).

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